Senior Pet Care at Lancaster Animal Clinic

At Lancaster Animal Clinic, located in Lancaster, OH, we are passionate about providing exceptional care to senior pets and cherishing them as much as you do. Our staff is dedicated to the well-being of furry companions, including helping them enjoy a long and healthy life. We understand that early detection and prevention are both vital for managing age-related conditions, which is why we recommend regular check-ups and comprehensive senior wellness testing. 

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Senior Wellness Exams

During your senior pet's visit to our clinic, our skilled veterinarians will conduct a thorough physical examination. This examination encompasses a holistic approach, assessing various aspects of your pet's health. We will carefully examine their eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lymph nodes, skin, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, and neurological function. By paying close attention to these areas, we can identify any signs of potential health issues and address them pro-actively.

Assessing Your Pet's Marrow Function

An essential test is Complete Blood Count (CBC), which allows us to assess your pet's bone marrow function, including any autoimmune diseases, anemia, or inflammation caused by infections. By analyzing the blood chemistry and overall profile, we can evaluate your pet's organ function, including the kidneys, liver, and endocrine system. This comprehensive assessment helps us screen for conditions such as diabetes, liver diseases, hormonal imbalances, and more.

Checking Kidney Function

Urinalysis is another valuable test that provides insights into your senior pet's kidney function. It detects urinary tract infections, identifies tumors, and checks for the presence of bladder stones. 

Treating Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism in cats can cause blindness, high blood pressure, and kidney failure, while hypothyroidism in dogs can lead to weight gain, skin problems, lethargy, and various health issues. By monitoring thyroid levels, we can identify and manage these conditions effectively.

Senior wellness testing offers numerous benefits. 

Pet Nutrition

Your senior pet has different nutritional needs than when they were younger. Our veterinarian will educate you on the best foods for geriatric pets to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrition. Diet and nutrition are a crucial part of senior pet care, and following a nutritious diet is considered a form of preventative care.

Compassionate Senior Pet Care at Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH

At Lancaster Animal Clinic, we know that you want your senior pet to live as long of a life as possible. We treat geriatric pets with the same love and care as all of our patients and promise to work with you to ensure your furry friend remains happy and healthy. Learn more about our services and book an appointment today with our veterinarian by calling our Lancaster, OH, office at (740) 987-1591.



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