Chronic Pain

Pets can have chronic pain just the same way that humans do. It can be caused by any of a wide range of causes, and the result is often a lower quality of life. If you believe that your pet is in a lot of pain that happens frequently, it can be a good idea to get them a pet wellness appointment at our animal hospital in Lancaster, OH. If your pet is older, he may need a senior pet care appointment with a veterinarian to assess his condition and to see what his pain level and frequency are. We at Lancaster Animal Clinic are here to help.

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Pets and Chronic Pain

There are many different conditions that can cause chronic pain in pets. One is to have an old injury that is still causing pain. Another is a chronic disease that can make them have pain in specific areas. Another is arthritis. As a part of your pet's senior pet care, it may be a good idea to have him evaluated for arthritis. If you have noticed any signs that your pet has been in pain, tell a veterinarian on our team so that the reason for the pain can be assessed. There may be an underlying condition that is causing it that can be treated so that the pain stops. In other cases, chronic pain simply continues, and the best thing to do might be to treat the pain directly until it stops being controlled by the medications and other treatments. 

Noticing Pain in Your Pet

There are many pets that let you know immediately when they are in pain. Then there are pets who don't let you know with certainty that they are suffering from chronic pain. This can make it important to look for any signs that your pet may have pain. In general, notice whether his behavior changes. The pain may cause the pet to change certain aspects of his behavior. If you notice new behaviors, pain may be the culprit behind them. 

You can also take the time to notice any crying, whining, or need for more comfort. Some pets may want to be left alone because of their pain. Many pets will drool more when they have pain and may start walking with a limp. Your pet may not be able to jump and run as easily as before. Some pets might stop jumping up onto the furniture or going up and down the stairs because of their pain. If you see any of these signs, take your pet to see a veterinarian for a pet wellness appointment to have their condition assessed. 

Visit Our Animal Hospital

Getting senior pet care as well as care for any pet who may have pain can be important to the pet’s well-being of. Make an appointment with a veterinarian at our Lancaster, OH, animal hospital so that your pet's pain can be treated. Call us at (740) 687-1591 for Lancaster Animal Clinic.


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