Through diagnostics, a Lancaster, OH, vet on our team can get a clearer picture of your pet’s health. Diagnostic services from us at Lancaster Animal Clinic can consist of parvo testing, heartworm testing, pet bloodwork and other tests that can help uncover medical issues in your pet. This enables your pet to get prompt treatment to help restore his health. Here are some of the diagnostic services you can expect from a veterinarian near you on our veterinary team.

Diagnostic Services

Annual Pet Exam

We recommend your pet have an annual checkup so we can monitor his health. During this checkup, we’ll examine your pet’s body, fur, and skin to detect signs of health issues. We’ll check your pet’s mouth for signs of dental problems, listen to his heart and lungs, and examine his abdomen and joints. If there are irregularities in your pet’s appearance, breathing or behavior, we can perform more in-depth testing to get an accurate diagnosis of his condition.


Imaging in the form of digital x-rays and ultrasound can help your veterinarian near you diagnose hidden health issues. Imaging can reveal problems with your pet’s heart, lungs and bones as well as body systems. Through digital x-rays, we can identify bone fractures, tumors and more so your pet can get the appropriate treatment.

Pet Bloodwork

Bloodwork can help give a vet on our team vital information about the health and function of your pet’s kidneys, liver, pancreas, and other internal organs.

Urine & Fecal Tests

Urine tests reveal abnormalities with your pet’s kidneys and bladder. Fecal tests reveal if your pet is suffering from parasites, which is common in baby pets. Parvo testing can be done at the same time to uncover signs of parvovirus in your dog, an infectious disease that can be fatal to your pet. If your pup is experiencing symptoms of extreme vomiting, diarrhea or dehydration, we may recommend parvo testing to determine if he has this disease.

Heartworm Testing

Heartworm testing reveals the presence of heartworms in your pet’s system so he can get prompt treatment.

Get Parvo Testing, Heartworm Testing, and Pet Bloodwork from a Veterinarian Near You

To schedule diagnostic services for your furry friend, contact us at Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, at (740) 687-1591 .



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