Food Allergies

Dogs and cats aren’t very different from humans in that they have their own food preferences, sensitivities, and allergies. Some foods may simply fuel their bodies better than others. Working with a veterinarian when you notice signs of a potential allergy can help you identify the allergen quickly and alter your pet’s food accordingly. If you believe your pet is allergic to something in their food, contact us at Lancaster Animal Clinic for prompt care in the Lancaster, OH, area. We can also help with pet weight management and pet nutrition to keep your pets



Signs Your Pet Has Food Allergies

Signs of allergic reactions and other pet nutrition problems may be minor and difficult to detect. Occasionally, an allergic reaction is so severe that you know right away and may worry about feeding your pet again, especially if you aren’t sure what triggered the negative reaction. Mild allergic reactions are often more like food sensitivities, while the more dramatic responses are potentially legitimate food allergies.

Some signs that a dog or cat has food allergies include:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Chronic bloating or gas

Food Allergy or Something Else?

There are other potential causes for most potential signs of food allergies in cats and dogs. If you believe you know the food causing an allergic reaction, try eliminating it from your pet’s diet to see if signs of an allergic reaction stop. If you aren’t sure, consider working with a veterinarian to rule out other potential explanations for your pet’s discomfort and identify the source of the allergy.

Get Help Identifying & Treating Your Pet’s Food Allergies with Pet Nutrition Care

The most common treatment for food allergies is controlled pet nutrition. Once identified, the foods that your pet reacts negatively to are eliminated from the diet. You may simply switch to a new pet food on your own, buy a food recommended by a veterinarian on our team, or learn to make healthy, fresh pet food for your dog or cat at home.

Visit Us for Food Allergy Help from a Veterinarian on Our Veterinary Team

Handling food allergies in your pets and getting pet weight management can both be helped with pet nutrition care. Allergies can be an important issue and weight management should not be ignored either. You can get help with both issues plus many more pet concerns with us at Lancaster Animal Clinic. We’re committed to providing veterinarian care for animals throughout the Lancaster, OH, area.

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