Conditions Treated

Lancaster Pet Services, also known as the Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, is dedicated to helping pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Our veterinarians are ready to serve you and your pets by treating various conditions, including pet allergies, food allergies, ear infections, and cat arthritis. We are here to treat your pet and provide guidance to help keep your pets healthy in between veterinary visits. 

The veterinarian at Lancaster Animal Clinic helps treat varying pet health conditions, including allergies, dental care, and chronic pain. Below are some of the most commonly treated conditions at our clinic: 

Pet Allergies

Like humans, pets can suffer from various allergies, including food allergies. Our veterinarians can help identify the cause of the allergies and develop a plan to treat and reduce symptoms. If you suspect your furbaby suffers from pet allergies, call us to see one of our veterinarians. 

Pet Ear Infections

If left untreated, ear infections can cause significant discomfort for your pet. If your pet is scratching or pawing at their ear or flinching when the area around the ear is touched, see us for treatment. 

Dog and Cat Arthritis

Pets can develop arthritis in their joints, which can cause problems with walking, running, climbing, and jumping. If you suspect your pet is experiencing signs of dog or cat arthritis, call us to learn more about getting a diagnosis and treatment. 

Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care is used to help keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, reducing the risk of gum disease, which can cause more significant health conditions in pets. Call our clinic to schedule a dental cleaning exam and learn more about our pet dental care options. 

Chronic Pain

Pets can develop conditions causing chronic pain, leading to ongoing discomfort. Our veterinary care team can help diagnose what is causing the chronic pain and develop a treatment to help relieve your pet. 

Additional Pet Conditions Treated

In addition to the conditions listed above, our veterinarians offer diagnostic services, diet and nutrition counseling, flea and tick prevention, and pre-surgical screenings. We also treat exotic and pocket pets with any conditions they have or develop. 

Schedule an Appointment with a Lancaster, OH, Vet Today

If your pet has any condition causing pain or discomfort, it is best to see a Lancaster, OH, veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment. Our veterinarians are experienced and trained in treating most pet conditions, ensuring your pet is in good hands when you come to see us. Call Lancaster Animal Clinic at (740) 687-1591  to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians. 



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