Conditions Treated

When pets get sick, your whole household suffers. By working closely with our veterinarians near you for your pet’s care, you can help expedite your pet’s recovery. At Lancaster Animal Clinic, we treat all kinds of health issues in dogs, cats, exotic and pocket pets, ranging from allergies and ear infections to skin problems, diabetes, arthritis, and more. With the help and support of our veterinary team, your pet can live a longer, healthier life.

Conditions Treated

Pets, like people, are prone to diverse health problems, many of which can be averted through preventative care. When problems arise, you can count on our pet hospital to help nurse your furry friend back to health. We can treat the following conditions and more to restore your pet’s health:

             Pet Allergies – Pets can suffer from food, environmental, and flea allergies. Through blood and skin tests, we can determine the cause of your pet’s symptoms and develop a plan for treatment.

•             Ear Infections – Allergies are a common cause of ear infections in pets. Swelling or crustiness around your pet's ear, itchiness, and your pet constantly scratching or rubbing his ear are signs of an ear infection that should be treated by your vet right away.

•             Dental Problems – Dogs and cats are prone to many of the same dental issues as people, i.e., oral infections, bleeding gums, broken teeth, and periodontal disease. We offer dental exams, x-rays, professional cleanings, and treatment of oral issues to keep your pet’s teeth in good health.

             Arthritis – Arthritis can impact your pet’s mobility and quality of life. Through routine checkups, we can diagnose this condition in its early stages and recommend treatments to minimize painful joint symptoms. Treatment options include supplements, pain medication, weight management, rehab, and orthopedic surgery.

•             Chronic Pain – As your pet ages, he may develop a condition that causes chronic pain. Through dietary and lifestyle counseling and the use of medication, we can help manage this pain so your pet can continue to live a high quality of life.

•             Senior Pet Care – Our pet hospital offers extensive diagnostics for senior pets to stay abreast of potential health issues. We also treat a wide range of senior pet conditions including heart, liver, and kidney disease, diabetes, digestive and respiratory illnesses, and other issues.

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