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Lancaster Animal Clinic Offers Companion Laser Therapy

Pets sometimes experience painful conditions or problems with healing that require special treatment. Laser therapy uses high-intensity laser light to stimulate natural healing processes deep within body tissues. The technology may be used for a number of pet health problems. At Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, we offer laser therapy for healing and pain management.

What Is Laser Therapy for Companion Animals?

Laser light can be used as an external therapy. The light stimulates the release of healing biochemicals within an animal's internal tissues, to speed healing and to reduce inflammation. It is now used frequently in veterinary practice to help wounds heal faster and to relieve painful conditions.

Veterinary Problems Laser Therapy Can Help

Laser therapy can be used to help surgical wounds heal more quickly. Our vet may advise the therapy for use after your pet is wounded. It is often used for older animals to reduce joint pain and inflammation from chronic arthritis. Laser therapy can also be used to speed healing of injured tendons and ligaments. It can help with nerve problems and regeneration of nerve tissue. Laser therapy may also be used to boost immune system function or to heal serious skin infections.

What to Expect during a Laser Therapy Session

During a laser therapy session, the animal lies down on a table or on the floor. In many cases, the pet owner stays with the pet to speak to it and pet it during the process. Laser therapy is not painful and usually no sedative is needed. The vet then passes a hand-held device over the surface of the affected area. A session takes a few minutes to one-half hour. After the session, your pet is able to continue normal activities. Generally, several sessions are needed to provide maximum benefit.

Make Lancaster Animal Clinic Your Veterinarian for Companion Therapy Laser

Our veterinarians and staff at Lancaster Animal Clinic use their training and experience to provide quality veterinary care for all our patients in Lancaster, OH, and the nearby communities. We offer many services for pets, including vaccinations, surgery, diagnostics, dental care, and boarding. We also care for small pets, such as pocket pets and exotic pets. Contact Lancaster Animal Clinic today at 740-687-1591 for an appointment to learn how companion laser therapy can help your pet.

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