Pet Allergies

Like humans, many pets are susceptible to developing allergies. Your pet could have an allergic reaction to something that gets on their skin, that they breathe in, or that they eat. Allergens are all around us, and pets can react to them under many different circumstances. When pets have allergies, they enjoy life less and come down with many different symptoms. If you can discover what is causing the allergic reaction, this is ideal. You may need to see a veterinarian at Lancaster Animal Clinic to narrow down the specific allergen and to prescribe treatments as needed. To see the veterinarian for your pet care, call our animal hospital in Lancaster, OH, for better pet wellness. 

Pet Allergies


An allergen is a substance, generally a protein, that causes a pet to have an allergic reaction. The pet has mast cells in the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and the skin. When these cells have an allergen affect them, they create an allergic reaction. The mast cells are stimulated, and then they release inflammatory chemicals. These are generally histamines, and they can cause a lot of reactions in the pet.

After an allergen comes into contact with a pet, it may be just a few minutes until a reaction is seen, or it could also be hours or days until it's apparent. 

Finding the Allergen

Pets with allergic reactions have been exposed to something, and it's best to figure out what it was. This can be difficult, but it's important to ensure your pet doesn't come into contact with it again. You can try to think of any new products that you've used in the home, such as floor cleaners or laundry detergent. If you have been feeding your pet a new food or even new table scraps, consider that they may be causing the allergy.

It's common for pets to have an allergy when they ingest certain proteins, which can be found in various foods. Your pet may also be allergic to pollen or spores in the air. It may also be an allergy to flea bites, dust in the home, or fabrics like wool. There are some cases in which the allergen is simply never found out. It could be pollen from a tree that's a distance from the home or another plant that they came into contact with. 

Schedule Your Pet’s Wellness Exam

When your pet is itching and scratching and has a runny nose or a rash, it's time to see the veterinarian for pet care. Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, will treat your pet for their allergies and help them to feel better again. Call (740) 687-1591 today.



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