Pet Nutrition

When it comes to your pets' health, there's a lot of things that you can do to help ensure they live healthy lives- including annual wellness exams, vaccinations, and more. Another aspect of good pet care is ensuring pets have proper nutrition. A balanced diet can play a huge role in the well-being of your pet. It plays an especially significant role in puppy & kitten care, helping with immunity, brain development, and strong bones.

Pet Nutrition

At Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, our range of pet health services includes nutritional counseling and planning from our knowledgeable team. Whether you're in need of dog nutrition or cat nutrition plans, we've got you covered. In the meantime, read on for more information on pet nutrition.

Why Is Pet Nutrition Important?

Good nutrition is vital because it provides pets with the energy needed to perform basic life functions. Additionally, it supports a healthy immune system to fight off disease, helps keep a healthy coat and skin, provides weight control, and keeps all body systems functioning properly. On the other hand, poor nutrition can lead to obesity, lack of energy, development of chronic conditions, and a shorter lifespan.

What Should You Feed Your Pet?

Most pet foods are okay for your pet as long as they are made for your pet’s species. The may change, however, if your pet has certain health conditions, like allergies or diabetes.

Additionally, it is generally not a good idea to feed your pet too much food made for humans. Our food, unfortunately, tends to be high in sugar and can make your pet obese if he eats too much. Many foods humans eat may also be toxic to dogs or cats, such as chocolate, garlic, and so on. A lot of different ingredients go into making processed food and, if you don’t read the packaging carefully, you may end up feeding your pet something that could hurt him.

Get Dog Nutrition, Cat Nutrition, Puppy & Kitten Care, and General Pet Care from a Veterinarian Near You

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