Pet Anesthesia

Pet Anesthesia

If you had a human companion that was undergoing surgery, you'd want to make sure that they were well taken care of, sound asleep during the procedure, and had the best medical care personnel at their side during their surgery. The same is true of pets. At Lancaster Animal Clinic, we have provided pet owners in Lancaster, OH, with veterinary services for many years. To do so, we offer a wide range of services including pet anesthesia. If your pet is going into pet surgery and you have questions about pet anesthesia and how it works, read on below to learn more.

What is Pet Anesthesia?

By anesthesia, we can help your pet fall asleep during surgery. This allows them to feel no pain at all during the surgery or other types of procedure, such as an endoscopy or blood draw. Pet anesthesia is administered as an inhalant, which resembles a tube that fits over your pet's mouth. This tub then releases the gas inside, helping your pet lull to sleep.

Does Pet Anesthesia Carry Risks?

Your veterinarian will inform you of any risks of anesthesia before pet surgery. In general, pet anesthesia is very safe to use and is administered by a trained veterinarian. However, if your vet has no experience in administering anesthesia, or if you have allowed your dog or cat to eat before the anesthesia, this might be an issue. Fortunately, most vets are trained at administering this chemical, and most pet owners know that feeding their dog or car before surgery can lead to vomiting and asphyxiation. 

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