Senior Pet Care

Welcome to Lancaster Animal Hospital. Located in Lancaster, we are a full-service pet hospital that welcomes pets of all sizes and ages. As veterinary care has advanced and progressed, it's given us the opportunity to have more years with our pets. There are more senior pets now than ever before, and that's a great thing!

Senior Pet care

However, because of that, the need for comprehensive senior pet care from a knowledgeable veterinarian near you is vital to the health and wellness of your older pet. Below, we've listed some specialized services we provide to our furry patients and what we believe should be looked for in vet services for elderly pets. Let's begin with what is considered a senior pet.

At What Age is a Pet Considered Senior?

For cats, the answer is simple, and it's generally ten years old. For dogs, it depends on their size. For small dogs, senior is between 8–11 years; for medium dogs, it is 8–10 years; and larger breeds can be considered senior as young as 6–7 years. Your vet can determine the exact age depending on your pet's size and breed.

What Do Senior Pets Need To Stay Well?

Like all pets, our seniors need regular wellness exams. Most vets will recommend more than one for older pets, depending on their overall health and exact age. These physical exams will include the usual checking of the eyes, ears, teeth, skin, etc. However, they may also include blood tests for diabetes, kidney and liver functioning, and other age-related conditions.

The vet may also check for hearing and vision loss, as well as test for cognitive functioning and mobility. The vet may recommend additional vaccines and parasite prevention because, as pets age, their immune system weakens and is less able to fight off disease. Additionally, suggestions may be made about changing your pet's diet and environment to suit their needs. For example, avoiding stairs, spending more time indoors, and changing their sleeping area to a more accessible and quiet space.

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