Cat Arthritis

Arthritis is a common ailment in middle-aged and older cats. Understanding the signs and symptoms of arthritis will help you know when to bring your cat in for an examination. While arthritis cannot be cured, it can be treated. At Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, we have treated cat arthritis for many years.


Difficulty Moving

Lameness or difficulty moving is often a sign of arthritis in cats. Your cat may have trouble climbing stairs, running, jumping, or even getting up. They may be less flexible than they used to be. Limping, especially limping that is worse when pets first get up but improve as they warm up, is also a symptom.

Lethargy and Tiredness

Cats suffering from arthritis may tire easier and want to play less and sleep more. 

Personality Changes

Your previously easy-going cat may suddenly become irritable. He or she may snap when you reach out to pet them, especially if the touching increases pain. Your cat may become less active and playful. Cats who previously had meticulous litter box habits may begin to have accidents.

Loss of Muscle Mass

Arthritic pets develop atrophy in their limbs and spine because of inactivity and decreased use of the muscles. If a limb is atrophied, it will appear thinner than the others because of lost muscle mass.

Licking, Chewing and Biting

Pets often lick, chew, or bite those areas that cause them pain, including arthritic pain. Sometimes they will bite so much that they will cause skin inflammations or hair loss in the area.

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