Pet Dental FAQ

If you want your dogs or cats to live long, healthy lives, pay attention to all of their veterinary needs, including pet dental problems. Pets get tooth decay just like people do, and they need their teeth cleaned by a dentist at least once per year. Call Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, to schedule pet services, including a dental care appointment for your pet. Find out more surrounding why dental care is key to holistic well-being.

Pet Dental FAQ

Several Questions 

Most pets show signs of periodontal disease by the time they reach three years of age. The repercussions of this can be severe and even life-threatening over time. Do you have questions about your pet’s dental care? Here are a few of the most common queries:  

  • What does veterinary dentistry entail? Veterinary dentistry involves cleaning, extraction, and repair of your pets' teeth, as well as any other aspects of oral health care that your pets may need. These procedures should only be performed by a qualified veterinarian.
  • What are the signs of a dental issue? Prevalent signs of a dental problem include bad breath, drooling, difficulty eating, and change in appetite.
  • Will this hurt my pet? Ask your veterinarian about how pet anesthesia makes dental cleaning and procedures possible and pain-free for your pet.
  • How often does my pet need a dental checkup? Have your pets’ teeth checked at least once a year by your veterinarian.

Preventative Care for your Pet 

The best way to avoid the distress and discomfort of dental issues is through preventative care. Have your pets’ teeth cleaned annually at veterinary wellness exams and checkups. Depending on your pets’ teeth, a full cleaning and x-rays may be recommended.

Got Pets? Call on Us for Dental Care and Treatment

Prevent the pain and complications that untreated dental disease can cause. Call Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, to schedule your pet’s veterinary appointment and dental exam today.



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