Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and Tick Prevention

4 Tips for Flea and Tick Prevention for Exotic Pets

Dogs and cats aren’t the only pets that can catch fleas and ticks. Exotic pets, such as rabbits, ferrets and hamsters, also have warm bodies and fur that attract these pests. At our Lancaster Animal Clinic in Lancaster, OH, we frequently help pet owners care for their favorite miniature animals, and we recommend taking these steps to keep your tiny pet free of fleas and ticks this season.

Be Cautious When Playing with Your Pet Outdoors

Flea and tick prevention begins the moment that you take your furry companion outside. Small pets tend to love to get some outside time but romping in a flea’s natural habitat increases their risk of exposure. Try to pay attention to where your pet plays. If you see fleas and ticks in your yard, then make sure to treat the area before you take your bunny outside.

Practice Good Flea and Tick Prevention for Larger Pets

Even if you don’t take your pocket pets outside too often, your dog or cat could bring fleas and ticks to them. When you go for pet vaccinations, ask a veterinarian at our clinic what you can do to prevent pests around your home. For example, flea and tick preventative care might include using prescription medication that can prevent fleas for weeks.

Catch Infestations as Early and Possible

With small pets, a minor flea problem can rapidly escalate into a major one simply because your pet’s body is smaller. This is a reason why preventative care is so important. Watch for signs of an infestation, such as seeing your pet scratch more often or displaying anxious behavior. You can often spot fleas by checking on your pet’s tummy or around their ears where their body’s heat tends to attract the insects.

Check With a Veterinarian Before Using New Products

Many flea and tick preventions are designed for larger animals. However, there are effective treatments for even the smallest animal. Try to avoid grabbing your dog or cat’s flea treatment to use on your pet, since it could be too strong. Instead, give a vet at our clinic a call, and he or she let you know what is safe for your type of small pet. We can recommend treatments that you can use to prevent an infestation throughout the height of the flea and tick season.

Contact Us to Get Your Exotic Pet Checked for Fleas or to Get Your Exotic Pet Vaccinations

At Lancaster Animal Clinic, our team is trained to care for many types of exotic animals, and we understand how uncomfortable it can be for a small pet to experience a pest infestation. If you suspect that your exotic pet has fleas or ticks, or you just want to learn how to prevent them, then give us a call at (740) 687-1591 today to schedule your pet’s next vet appointment in Lancaster, OH. We offer veterinary services to exotic pets, pocket pets, smaller pets, and more.


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